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Welcome to the online home of Paul Morris' Music - please note this site is still being constructed and some of the Menu Links on the left are not yet functional.

29th Sept 2017 - ***NEW***

Announcing a New Organ Concert In Tiverton - Saturday 7th October 2017

"It is with an equal amount of pleasure and trepidation that I am looking forward to playing to Fritz Lang's epic silent film METROPOLIS.

For those of you who do not know this film (and there may be a few) it is one of those films made a long time ago but set in the future - a distant and terrifying future of harsh drudgery for the masses and elysian leisure for the chosen few.

The scope and scale of the film is staggering: it runs for a little over two hours, with massive, and hugely expensive sets with a cast of hundreds. It was a ground-breaking epic in its day, and I am hoping to inject new life into it for you all with my music.

Plan as I might (and will!) I cannot possibly know what themes and constructions will come into my mind on the night, in short, just how the film will affect me and my music, so why not come along and experience it for yoursleves?

An excellent restored version of the film will be presented in the convivial surroundings of "The Oak Room" in Tiverton, with refreshments and a licenced bar. Hope to see you there!!"

To view details of the event visit the Website of "The Oak Room" in Tiverton > HERE!
NOTE: Loads in a New Window/Tab and you may need to scroll down to find the Event!

Advertising Poster for Metropolis Film Performance.
NOTE: To download the Poster Image:- Right Click and 'Save Picture (or Image) As' and choose a destination on your Computer or, if set not to ask it may save to predefined location.

27th Sept. 2017 - ***Quite NEW***


The last few months have been a busy time for me and with the film "METROPOLIS" on next Saturday and work on an important and original Aeolian Pipe Organ the following week things certainly are not standing still.

My new work shop is marvellous, and fully functional, and the first couple of hundred standard size blank wax cylinders have already been made and are winging their various ways across the world as I write this.

Thanks to all the well wishers and all who have trusted me with their money whilst we were getting back on our feet!

Paul Morris - Sept. 2017

Inner Blockwork well underway. Outer Brickwork also well underway! Almost Complete.
Inner Blockwork well underway Outer Brickwork also well underway! Almost Complete!
Set up for making wax blanks. Wax Melting Kettle. Wax Cylinders Cooling in New Moulds
Set up for making wax blanks. Wax Melting Kettle. Wax Cylinders Cooling in New Moulds
Wax Cylinders awaiting finishing.Wax Cylinders awaiting finishing. Cement Mixer ready for Action!Cement Mixer ready for Action!

25th May 2017

A Sad Day for the Manufacture of Wax Cylinder Blanks
The Fire of 4th May 2017

This year was the 40th anniversary of my succesful involvement in making wax cylinders, and I had intended to celebrate by revisiting the concert cylinder programme which had been started many years ago but now with all of the improvements that experience had shown possible. Better wax, nicer boxes, beautifully designed and printed labels and new and better recordings.

The launch was to be at the phonograph show in Donley's Wild West Town, Union, Illinois USA. Sadly it was not to be. A small sample of wax under test was left unattended, and a terrific fire engulfed the wooden work shop in minutes. The fire service was called, and they did a magnificent and timely job; but the devastation was pretty near 100% Moulds melted, and many tools were lost - as were a new stock of Stearic Acid, wax and other chemicals needed in the wax maufacture process. It was awful.

Kind friends and neighbours have been marvellous, and as I write, new moulds have been commisioned, and the two shaving machines are currently under re- furbishment. Jacob Fox, an American collector whom I had never even met, set up a "Go Fund Me" project, and people have been very generous. I can't wait to pour more wax into the new moulds, and I am convinced that the new cylinders will be better than ever!

If you are reading this, and other postings which deal with the climb-back to getting started again, please consider helping me to help myself by placing and paying for orders, which will be executed by the end of the year - and just as soon as I can get back to it. IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED!

Paul Morris - May 2017

The site almost cleared. Remains of 2 inch and Concert Moulds. Standard and Concert Shavers.
The site almost cleared Remains of 2" and Concert Moulds Standard and Concert Shavers
Standard Shaver fire damage. Now stripped and re-assembled Shaving Machines awaiting refinishing .  
Standard Shaver fire damage Stripped and reassembled Shaving Machines refinishing  

11th April 2017

New Concert Cylinder Titles

Here is a list of the New Wax 5" diameter Concert Cylinder Records that may be ordered for delivery to the Union Phonograph Show at Donley's Wild West Town in June of this year.

They cost $50 each and are available shipping free (and subject to local customs reuirements, tax free so long as I have nothing to pay) and for this event only.

TEN or more may be had for $40 each - again, at this event only. All records subject to a 50% deposit, paid for in advance, and before the 1st of June 2017.
See more details in the notes at the end of this section.

They are in four blocks: Instrumental, Solo Instrumental, Vocal and Novelty.

4001 Rienzi OvertureEdison Concert Band
4002 March LorraineBand
4003 AminaBand
4004 Twirly Whirly SelectionPeerless Orchestra
4005 Poet and Peasant OvertureEdison Concert Band
4006 The Fashion Plate MarchEdison Military Band
4007 The Merry Widow SelectionEdison Symphony Orchestra
4008 Bohemian FestivalEdison Concert Band
4009 Love's ConfessionEdison Symphony Orchestra
4010 The Whistler and his DogEdison Military Band
4011 The Free LanceEdison Military Band
5001 Peter Piper Medley (xylophone)Albert Benzler
5002 The Chorus Lady March (xylophone)Albert Benzler
5003 Believe me if all those Endearing Young Charms (piano)Albert Benzler
5004 The Smiler (banjo)Vess L. Ossman
5005 The Miner March (Accordion)John J. Kimble
5006 The Magic Flute: Bells SoloAlbert Benzler
6001 The Laughing SongGeorge W. Johnson
6002 Roll on de GroundBilly Golden
6003 Bill SimmondsArthur Collins
6004 A Bird in a Gilded CageHarry Anthony
6005 Red WingFredrick H. Potter
7001 Wo Hi (Chinese song)In Chinese
7002 The Ragtime Drummer (drums solo)James Lent

Important notes on how to obtain your records:

1. The cost of the records is $50 each individually, or $40 each for 10 or more.

2. A 50% deposit is payable in order to secure the free shipping to the Union Phonograph Show in June 2017

3. The deposit, (and full payment if before the show) may be made via paypal at musicurio@yahoo.co.uk adding 5% unless sending as a gift. The balance to be made in cash at the phonograph show.

4. Any US tax paid at customs will be added to the price of the order - previously there has been nothing to pay.

5. Every attempt and considerable expense will be made to ensure that the records arrive intact, but I can offer no guarantee. My worst experience was losing around a dozen records out of some 60 - but again, several times there have been no breakages.

Please, therefore, be prepared, in the event of damage, to accept a substitute record.

There is nothing I can do about this, except remind you how good a deal you will be getting regardless of this happening

Some more details about the records:

The titles are chosen so as to be popular, and to show the format, and your phonograph off to best advantage. Marches, xylophone solos and comic songs featuring promenantly. Just as from 1901 onwards, the source of the recordings is from gold moulded standard size records. I have chosen records from my own collection that are in good to excellent condition, and have had them transferred electronically. Very few are absolutely perfect, but all but the very best or most popular have been rejected. In the near future, some videos will be posted of a selection of the titles being played on vintage equipment.

Thanks for reading this. See you all in June!!

Paul Morris April 2017

A New Concert Cylinder.

12th March 2017

My Fortieth Year in Wax Phonograph Cylinder Production and the NEW CONCERT RECORDS

Paul writes:

"It's true! Time does speed up with advancing years, and wax cylinders in my collection that I was given for my 16th birthday seemed impossibly old as I gazed longingly at them, waiting for a phonograph to appear so that I could hear what sounds lay in their ancient groove. They were about 70 years old then, not even antiques in the proper sense of the word, and if I can live for another 12 years, I will be as “impossibly old” as they were then. If I can survive until I am 85, I will have owned them for as long as I have not owned them; if you see what I mean – but don't worry if you don't. The point is we are all getting older!

There are some advantages that the passing years have caused – and there are plenty of things I can do better now than I could as a tender young sixteen-year-old; play the piano, for example, and also, more to the point, make wax cylinders.

Had I been told that what began as a school project in the early 'seventies would result in a small, but useful income over forty years later, I don't think I would have believed it. It was true, however. Over the last several of years I have made and supplied many hundreds of wax cylinder blanks – the majority going to good friends and customers in the U.S.A. - and this year looks like being the best yet. If the trend continues, I expect to turn out the best part of 1000 waxes by the end of 2017 alone.

As part of the celebrations I am producing over 20 titles in the 5” diameter Concert Cylinder Record format, and although this will not be the first time I have produced these giant wax “dinosaurs” of a bygone age, recent experiments in wax production, shaving and moulding improvements and newly sourced raw materials mean that these will be the best yet. Whilst more details will follow, and can be seen on my website paulmorrismusic.co.uk I can confirm that as before, I will be bringing a consignment over to the Union Phonograph Show, held in June, at Donley's Wild West Town. Despite increased costs, reduced air travel baggage allowances and sundry other difficulties to overcome, these improved records will be the same cost of $50 each - If ordered and paid for in advance! A price I cannot hold over until next year. If you have a Concert phonograph, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, BUY THEM ANYWAY!

Over the next few weeks I will be adding video footage of excerpts from some of the recordings available, so that you can see and hear what you will be getting, with details of how you can order, and of bulk purchase offers. A full list of titles will be available soon. I am taking a big risk carrying these fragile high-value items across the Atlantic, and although I cannot rule out the possibility of breakage, it is a risk I am prepared to take; and, like last time they were produced, I will deliver free to the Union Phonograph Show (only charging any import taxes that the consignment attracts – which is usually none) Please support this venture!"

Sixteen-year-old me. Wax ready for melting. Concert phonograph at the ready.
Sixteen year old me Wax ready for melting Concert phonograph at the ready
A concert record on the mandrel. Concert cylinders ARE big. Concert versus Standard size.
Concert record on the mandrel Concert cylinders ARE big! Concert versus Standard size
Concert and Standard moulds. Moulds showing cores & shells. The massive concert reaming tool.
Concert and Standard moulds Moulds showing cores & shells The massive concert reamer
57 year old me in the music room.
57 year old me in the Music Room

1st February 2017

New Video on Youtube

Paul writes:

"I had the privilege of playing to the 1929 silent film "The Phantom Of The Opera" on 3rd December 2016 at "The Oak Room" in Tiverton, Devon, UK.
The performance was recorded and is being made available as a DVD which is available for purchase here on the website (link below)."

Price £9.99 plus £1.50 post & packing.

The organ was built by George Osmond of Taunton, Somerset sometime in the late Victorian era when the current venue was a Congregational Church (until 2012) and underwent some work in the 1980s.

For details of the organ visit the Nation Pipe Organ Register > NPOR.ORG.UK

Website of "The Oak Room" > THE OAK ROOM, TIVERTON

Picture of the organ in The Oak Room, Tiverton.

10th August 2016

2 New Videos on Youtube

We have just uploaded 2 NEW Videos - Paul writes about the first:

"Not long ago we had the privilege of playing to the classic 1927 silent film "Sunrise" at Tiverton's popular art venue "The Oak Room".

The organ here is by no means the largest that we have played and certainly not the most modern, the majority of the action being of the Tracker type.

However, for beauty of sound and romance of effect it is hard to beat, and somehow seems just so "right" for the job."

And about the second:

"On the way home from an event near Brighton last week end, had an opportunity that I just could not resist, even if the results are rather rough and ready, just wanted to share it."

13th June 2015.

Paul Morris to play at The Oak Room, Tiverton (near Exeter) Devon on 20th June 2015 at 7:30 PM.

The programme will include live improvised music for the 1915 silent film epic "The Cheat", directed by Cecil B. De Mille. There will also be a half hour mini recital of light music from the '20s and '30s.


4th November 2014 - New Video on YouTube

News Clipping.News Clipping.
Newspaper StoryMusic Score
Paul Morris writes:

"I was asked some time ago to play "one or two" of my compositions as part of a concert in Crediton,
a small town north of Exeter, in Devon. These events are organised by Paul Vincent, and are called The Music Makers' Concerts. Paul is the grandson of the composer Thomas Dunhill.

About two months before it was agreed that the entire concert was to be given over for my use, and it was suggested that I play my pieces in the first half, and accompany a silent film in the second.

This was actually just what I needed in order to "dust off" some of my earlier compositions, and get some of my more recent ones heard in public, and I set to immediately to get soloists
for the piccolo and oboe pieces, and a vocalist for a setting of "On the Road to Mandalay" that I had completed about four years ago.

The first compositions played were some piano rags that I had written whilst at Poole Grammar School in the 1970s, and I was quite surprised how difficult they were to play. I was a preccotious child!

I also wrote the two piccolo pieces at about the same time, and was delighted to have found Jacquie Kenney, herself with connections in the Poole and Bournemouth area, to play them for me.
She said that she enjoyed playing them, and I was delighted with her interpretation.

I was similarly fortunate to find Carolyne Thomas to play the oboe piece that I wrote in the early eighties.

Other piano pieces followed, including "Naughty Natasha", "An Evening in Westhay" and a caprice that I wrote for a dear Czech friend, Ondrej Honc called simply "Ondrej".

As a record collector, I had always been intrigued by the number of different tunes there were to Kipling's famous poem: "On the Road to Mandalay" and having learnt recently that in fact there
are at least 19, I decided to have a go at one. Jason Bomford gave a rousing rendition, and I am grateful to him as well.

The film I chose for the second half was a 1918 version of a 1915 film called "The Cheat" Directed by Cecile B. DeMille, it's main star and Japanese villain, was Sessue Hayakawa, a very early Holywood
heartthrob. When the film was released, America was not at war, but subsequent developments required a more favourable assessment of the Japanese nation, and Mr Hayakawa then "became" Burmese, for the duration of the film.

I was initially doubtful whether or not I could maintain interest for a film of this length, having only played previously to shorter ones, but I soon found that it was an excellent and thrilling story,
which my audience were entirely captivated with. This was most rewarding."

Paul Morris.
Exeter, Devon, November 2014.

(Updated) 27th May 2013 - New Organ Tour Part 1 Video on YouTube

Due to many requests we have added Part 1 of a brief organ "Tour" video to our YouTube Channel.
This part is an "at the console" demonstration of some of the organ's voices.


More to follow soon.

13th June 2012 - Three New Theatre Organ CDs available soon from Paul Morris' Music

Paul Morris' Music is pleased to announce some new theatre Organ CDs, all of which commemorate the art of bygone stars, originally captured by the new electrical recording techniques of the mid '20s, and re-mastered by Adrian Tuddenham of Poppy Records, Bath in the UK.


Ready first, will be a tribute to Emil Velazco, the young South American boy who rose from obscurity to fame and then who disappeared from the scene almost as rapidly, leaving only memories and these records, as a testament to his musicianship and skill. Most of the recordings were made on Velazco's 3/8 Kimball studio organ, and many of them are under his pseudonyms Franklyn Ferris and Richard Jordan. He recorded principally for Columbia and quite a few of the recordings were issued on this company's cheaper labels of Velvetone and Diva as well as the main black and gold label. The CD also includes a recording by Velazco's Organ Melodians - a surprisingly appealing up-tempo version of Ketelby's In a Monastery Garden!

Velazco's style was unique, soulful portamento, clever chromatic inventions, melodies that interchanged between the hands, and a compelling pedal style with telling reedy stops. His rhythmic numbers were put across very impressively, and very expressively - something only really possible with the intimate sound of the small studio organ - whilst slower, flowing, romantic music was played with a depth of feeling seldom equalled by many of his contemporaries. Certainly there is no one like him today. Velazco deserves to be brought to the attention of today's enthusiasts, and to be re-evaluated as one of the truly great pioneers of the theatre organ, and it is earnestly hoped that this CD will do just that.

See full details >> HERE

Other CDs will include a tribute to Roxy Organist, Lew White and a compilation CD of several other great pioneers of the theatre, including Sigmund Krumgold and Milton Charles.

Available soon, watch this page for details.

30th November 2010 - Wax Cylinder Phonograph Blanks - a Bumper Year! 

Paul Morris writes:

"Looking back over the last 12 months I see that this has been a bumper year for the manufacture and supply of phonograph blanks. It is hard to know just how many of these items I have made, but since 1977 there must be quite a few of them around! Whilst going back over the paperwork for this last year, I was amazed at just how many entries there were for blanks, and at the end of the period I did a total. Four hundred and ninety three! Is that a record?

Of course most of them will be records now, since that is their purpose, and again I was thinking how wonderful it is that they all go so far away and have such diverse fates. The vast majority survive postage to far off lands, and that is usually the last I see of them. A few have quite remarkable fates, however and I thought I'd mention them here.

Not so long ago, Thailand was celebrating the centenary of the introduction of the phonograph to that country, and the Thai Phonograph Society organised a recording session with the King. Like his ancestor 100 years ago, the King of Thailand made a recording onto one of my blanks. What an honour! Hilary Clinton, whilst making an appeal to raise funds at the Edison National Historic Site also recorded a short speech in like manner. The recording engineer was my friend Peter Dilg, who, in addition to this remarkable project has recorded a number of celebrities onto wax including innovator and musician, Les Paul.

Recently I heard of another recording, this time by Jerry Fabris, a curator at the Edison Site, made at The College Of New Jersey and was so delighted with it I asked permission to share it with everyone, and so with no more comment from me, just use the links below to witness the fate of one of those 493 blanks, made in Exeter by Paul Morris' Music – where the future it seems, is still in the past!!"

See details of the recording session at The College of New Jersey >> HERE

Listen to the actual recording made on that day >> HERE

Also watch a video on YouTube of some more of my blanks being recorded on by Aleksander Kolkowski >> HERE

25th July 2010 - Read the Concertola Restoration Story. 

Saturday 29th of May 2010 was a "Red Letter Day" for the continuing saga of Aeolian Organs and music at 27 Blackall Road. Paul writes:

"I acquired the Concertola at the same time as the Aeolian Pipe Organ Op1458 and eventually restored it during the first two months of this year. I decided that a suitable first outing would take the form of a dinner party, during which background music would be provided by rolls played on the Concertola. Not just any rolls however, but the ones that were last played when this machine still worked. And that was a LONG time ago..."

The story of the restoration of Aeolian Concertola Number 204 is now available to read >> HERE 

A video of the Dinner Party held to celebrate the completion of the restoration may be seen on the video page >> HERE (Scroll down to video number 14).

July 2010 - Paul Morris to play in a Concert at Exeter.

Paul Morris will play 2 "slots" as part of a Concert at Southernhay United Reformed Church, Exeter on Saturday 17th July at 7.30pm.

Paul will play both piano and organ and will premiere one of his own compositions "Naughty Natasha" as part of his program.

There will be retiring donations for the Church Building Fund.

For more information click on the following link  >>   Southernhay United Reformed Church

When on the Southernhay site select the "People & News magazine" link near the bottom of the home page and then "People and News July-August 2010" and scroll down quite a way to find details of the Concert. There is also a link "How to Find Us" on the left had side of the page. 

20th November 2009 - New CD.
"20 Hits You Won't Know From Shows You've Never Even Heard Of"   

Why would anyone give a CD such an unlikely title? The simple answer is because it’s probably true! Those of us immersed in the past, seldom realise what esoteric lives we lead, and usually become immune to the jibes of those whose musical entertainment comes from post-war times. What about the '60s and beyond I hear you say? My reply? What about them?! Was any music written then? Of course I jest, but not by much, and as if to prove the point, I invite you all to experience some delightful melodies from the musical backwaters of yesteryear.

My earnest wish is to have brought back to life some of my favourite songs that I have learned from vintage records. I think I have an ear for melody and charm, and have selected and transcribed these pieces for, and played them on my Aeolian Residence Pipe Organ. I hope you like them!

To see all the details and to purchase this new CD >> CLICK HERE

1st November 2009 - "A recent recording session and a NEW CD."       

"Rainbows And Rendezvous"
New CD Cover Image
Orchestrelle Model 'V'
(from the Aeolian Catalogue)

Paul writes:

"Not so long ago I acquired a Model V Orchestrelle. Intending to sell it on, I set about restoration and when the job was finished, I was so pleased with it, that I determined to keep it! You can pedal a roll, and get up and walk to the other side of the room before it runs out of wind!!

A few months ago I decided to record it and made what I thought would be sufficient preparation of the room and a few little "niceties" of adjustment on the instrument.

My recording engineer, Adrian Tuddenham of "Poppy Records" in Bath is, however, very exacting. Heavy sheets were hung on cords strung from one side of the room to the other in order to remove traffic noise, the last noises of foot pedalling were all but removed by wrapping a heavy blanket around my feet, and part of the transmission mechanism was rebuilt in order to remove the faint, but noticeable chain noise. In short, a lot of effort went into the setting up.

The repertoire, too, was carefully chosen. We wanted a mixture, and whilst nothing too heavy was chosen, we did not shy away from serious music. 

It includes a very effective transcription of a Grieg string quartet.
Some Gounod and Wagner were chosen of course, along with some "Show" selections.

The CD, which was christened "Rainbows and Rendezvous" starts with a lively march: "The Little Duchess" and ends with a spirited rendering of Wallace's "Maritana Overture"

The CD is aimed at the widest possible audience who, it is hoped will enjoy the wonderful music contained on it, but Orchestrelle enthusiasts ought to be especially pleased and accordingly I draw it to your attention now, and with Christmas around the corner, I hope you will find it of interest."

View details or buy the CD here >> Rainbows And Rendevous

Paul Morris October 2009

June 2009 - "Is There An Organ In The House?"        

 The latest recording of Op. 1458 - "Is There An Organ In The House?" - is now available for purchase from this website. Paul Morris plays a lovely selection of pieces in this first "live" recording since the restoration of this wonderful instrument was completed.

Including many favourites and an original composition by Paul entitled "West Of England March", this new recording is a must for those who have enjoyed Paul's videos on YouTube .

Here is the chance to hear this rare instrument in a high quality recording which much better captures the experience of hearing this organ in all its glory in it's home environment.

To see all the details and to purchase this new CD >> CLICK HERE

June 2009 - Op. 1458 has a "New" Blower!      

 Aeolian Residence Organ Op. 1458 has a "New" Blower. To read the story and see pictures of the 
Rescue, Restoration and Installation CLICK HERE

Read the story of the New Blower

"....Well, we got to the church, and how wrong I was! .....it seemed to have grown, as if, nourished by the damp lavatorial air, like a giant rusty cylindrical mushroom, it was ready to burst. How on earth were we going to shift it?....."

March 2009 - New Videos on YouTube     

Paul has recorded a selection of the tracks found on the CD "Sounds from the Cinemas" for YouTube.
His own transcription of some of the tracks, which were played by famous Organists of the era on Organs around the UK, gives a flavour of the CD which is available from this site. The CD was re-mastered from originals in the Archives of Paul Morris' Music.

Click HERE for futher information about the CD or HERE to view the YouTube Video.


Also last October (2008) saw us apearing at Peter Webb's music room in Woking, where we had the pleasure of giving a small recital on his Spurden Rutt "Organestra" as part of a Theatre Organ Club event.

Playing a new organ is an exiting and often challenging experience and this was no exception. Despite an ongoing restoration project, this rare organ (one of only two in existance) shows plenty of potential.

There are 2 videos from this event on YouTube now. The first is a solo piece of Paul playing "Lemare's Andantino" and the second is a Piano and Organ Medley with Frank Fowler playing the Organ whilst Paul provides a Piano accompaniment. Although the video and audio quality aren't the best we think they are still worth a look. Go to our Video Page HERE and scroll to the bottom to watch these (and other) videos.

March 2009 - New Aeolian CD Available to Buy Now!   

 Following the successful launch of Op. 1458 in February 2008, Paul Morris is delighted to offer a CD which fully captures the magic of the Aeolian Pipe-Organ when played by some of the world's greatest organists through the medium of the Duo Art.

To Buy Now >> CLICK HERE  

To read more and hear what the critics say>> CLICK HERE

June 2nd 2008 - Wax Cylinder Story.

Read the story of how Paul Morris came to be a manufacturer of  Wax Cylinder Records. This in-depth 5 part story with many photographs gives a fascinating insight into the history, motivation and technical detail behind his passion and involvement with this occupation.

 View it here >> Wax Cylinder Story

May 18th 2008 - Two more videos on YouTube.

Another 2 videos of Paul playing Opus 1458. The first is William C. Polla's "Dancing Tambourine" from 1927, the second is "Poor Butterfly" first heard in 1916 in the Broadway show "The Big Show" and since recorded by many well know artists including Frank Sinatra. The music was written by Raymond Hubbell and the lyrics by John Golden. This is an instrumental version. To view these go to the Organ Video page >> Organ Videos

April 27th 2008 - More video of Aeolian Organ Opus 1458.

We have just added 2 more videos to YouTube.

The first is of Paul Morris playng an original composition of his called "Weston-super-Mare March".
The second is a medley entiltled "Three Snappy Numbers" comprising 3 well known tunes - "Anything Goes", "I Wanna Be Loved By You" and "Crazy Rhythm". To view these go to the Organ Video page >> Organ Videos

March 25th 2008 - Story of Aeolian Organ Opus 1458 .

We have added Part One of the story of our Aeolian Organ Opus 1458 to the site.

The fascinating story of how this wonderful instrument came to be in the Music Room at Blackall Road begins here >> Organ History Part One  or click the History link to be found in the menu at the left of this page. More to follow soon.

March 2008 - Paul Morris to play at the Curzon Cinema Clevedon on 16th March .

Paul Morris will be playing the vintage Compton Electronic Organ at the Curzon Cinema Clevedon on Sunday 16th March 2008.

The Curzon is an historic cinema with an interesting website, which provides more information.

Click >> http://www.curzon.org.uk/whats-on.html for more details
PM at the Console of the Curzon Compton.
PM at the Console.

MARCH  2008 - Reviews and Pictures of  1458s' Inaugural Concert .  

The Concert Programme Cover.

Paul Morris writes:

"Well, it came and went! It was only after the last of the forty or so guests had left that I realised what a lot of stress I had been under, and what a successful day it had been.

I received many very positive comments, and I feel that despite one sticking contact in the Duo Art player, which was easily cured, the organ gave a good account of itself.

A CD of the musical items was made and makes for interesting listening now that the pressure is off. Whilst this CD is not for general sale, it may become available if there is enough interest.

My first appearance on YouTube has been alot of fun, and thanks to the help of my good friends Hugh Blaney and Mark Bloor the video is of notably better quality than many others on the site.

We hope to put together a selection of additional ones soon. The other items in preparation include an organ tour, plus some programme music for silent films. Watch this space.............

Finally a sincere thank you to all who came-in some cases literally many thousands of miles."

"The future is in the past"

PM at the Console of 1458

Bob Taylors' Review of the day:

"As announced in MMD previously, Paul Morris held an inauguration for his recently installed and freshly restored Aeolian Opus 1458, Duo-Art player organ. The event in Exeter, Devon, UK on February 23, was an all day affair. Starting at 11 a.m., attendees gathered at 27 Blackall Road and went about the pleasant task of greeting old acquaintances and making new ones. Guests hailed from England, Australia, and USA.

The formal program began with a well prepared and rehearsed audio- visual presentation. Using both slides and videos, Paul showed the instrument progressing from an unrestored and in anguishing condition in America, to a fully restored and expertly installed state in his residence in Exeter. His Victorian three-story town house had to be modified to accommodate the larger-than-average 3manual, 37 rank organ. Even with these modifications, access to the organ chambers still requires agility and a slim waistline.

The organ was first demonstrated by means of the organ's detached 176-note Duo-Art roll player. Using rolls that exhibit the orchestral quality of the Aeolian pipe organ, Paul demonstrated the wide range dynamics, multiple voices, and lovely phrasing incorporated in expertly arranged Aeolian Organ Guild rolls. A broad selection of rolls gave a convincing performance of the chameleon qualities of the Aeolian.

Next, various guests played 116-note rolls at the console. To properly render these selections, the user must nimbly set stops and other controls as the roll instructions pass over the tracker bar. This is a true interactive experience and the participants did a marvelous job.

The dinner, which was almost a banquet, created a natural interval and allowed more social interaction among the guests. Following the meal were live organists who played informally. At 8 p.m., host Paul Morris appeared at the console with a selection of well rehearsed numbers starting out with a medley of Victor Herbert tunes. That concluded the formal part of the program, but superb performances continued as various professional organists stopped in and kept the evening alive with well-polished renditions of their favorites.

What had happened in that one day represented a dream come true for Paul Morris. It also displayed his perseverance and labor of hundreds of hours to make this organ spring back to life. Surrounded by enthusiasts, the camaraderie made the event a true career highlight for most of us. Many MMDers were there, many PPG members, and many AMICA members, too. Some of us met for the first time, but we'll see each other again. As some of these Brits will invade the U. S. for the summer Los Angeles AMICA convention, I will have my hands full as they are certain to pass by my area.

Paul gave a preview performance for this event on YouTube (See the "Video" page under "Our Aeolian Residence Organ" on the Menu at the left - Ed.)  He also pre recorded the program and has available the CD if you contact him. Great music, great fun, great people, and a wonderful machine. Who could ask for more?"

Bob Taylor

Geoff  Writes:

"Hi Paul,  

Just a note to express my thanks for the invitation to a truly memorable day at your house.
It was a very fitting celebration of your fantastic achievement in the successful rebuilding of the Aeolian Pipe Organ.  

Harry was most impressed with the proceedings and has asked me to add his thanks to this message.  

Kind Regards,  


Amy Writes:


We so enjoyed the celebratory concert yesterday.  
Congratulations - it sounded spectacular. The food was wonderful and it was great to meet so many enthusiasts.  

Kindest wishes,  


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17th FEBRUARY 2008  - The first video of Paul playing Aeolian Organ Opus 1458 has been posted on YouTube Click > HERE

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NOVEMBER 2007 - We are pleased to announce that the range of Paul Morris' Music published CDs is available NOW for purchase Online from this site. Please click on the "New Records" Link (under Shops) in the Menu on the left, or Click > HERE

Based in the City of Exeter in the County of Devon, U.K. Paul Morris' Music is dedicated to promoting Vintage Music, chiefly from the 'teens and 'twenties and specialising in Mechanical Musical Instruments and Talking Machines .

Providing AdviceSales, Repair and Skilled Restoration of a wide range of Player Pianos, Pipe Organs, Phonographs and Gramophones, we are enthusiasts committed to providing a highly Professional and Personal service to all our customers, many of whom have also become our friends.

This site will soon contain details of our stock of genuine Phonograph Cylinders and 78 RPM Records which will be For Sale Online. Our unique Reproduction Blank Cylinders and Re-Mastered Recordings of Vintage Material will also be offered for sale along with Sundries and Spares. We are also often able to source specific requirements for our customers from our extensive Worldwide Contacts.

Popular CDs of performances by Paul Morris himself, of period musical pieces, played on a restored Aeolian Residence Organ installed in a Victorian house in Exeter, are now available for purchase.

Paul Morris also offers his services as a talented Organist and Performer on Theatre Organ and Piano as well as providing Tuition.

There will be extensive information and pictures of the Restoration of the Aeolian Organ and it is planned (in the fullness of time) to have a "Video Tour" of the organ and additional performances available Online.

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