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Our Aeolian
Residence Organ

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Aeolian Organ Opus 1431
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All Images Copyright © Paul Morris 2007 to 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
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ConsoleConsole showing Swell stop jamb and harp controlConsole showing Great stop jamb and chimes control
Console showing spool-boxConsole showing automatic trackerConsole showing pedal board and expression pedals
Coupler chest: tag-boardCoupler chest: motors for ladder switches11 rank chest
11 rank chest C# side11 rank chest: vox and oboe11 rank chest:flauto lontana
11 rank chest:primary action7 rank chest: tremulo7 rank chest:primary action
Principale grande off-note chest11 rank chest: principale off-note chestPedal organ: contra basso
Pedal organ: basso dulcino49 note Harp20 note Cathedral chimes
Swell Engine (six stage)12 volt rectifier1 horse-power B.O.B. Blower andvaccum pump for Duo-Art player
Access window from chamberRear access to chamber