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Our Aeolian
Residence Organ

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Aeolian Organ Opus 1458
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All Images Copyright © Paul Morris 2007 to 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
Images may not be used without permission.
Coupler chest: general viewCoupler chest: tag boardCoupler Chest: lacing up looms
Coupler Chest: Help with soldering on manual loomsCoupler chest: first few looms connectedCoupler chest: D-connectors
Coupler Chest: chamber intermediate tag-board being wiredConsole mechanism:general view Console mechanism
Console mechanism: roll motor, tempo box and trackerconsole mechanism: switch stacks and aeolian ventilconsole mechanism:detail of switch stack showing contacts
Console mechanism:transmissionConsole mechanism: action cut-out switchesConsole mechanism: normal, reverse and unison switches
Site for the new blower being preparedlaying the main wind conductorWind conductor installed
Chamber extension: setting outChamber extension: hole for pedal pipes is cutChamber extension:stud-work taking shape
Chamber extension: nearing completionChamber extension: stud work completeChamber extension: the finished job
Deep diapason and string pipes in chamberDeep diapason basses all up except CCCDeep diapason basses showing tuning slides
Pedal off-note chest completeMain pedal chest makes its wayMain pedal chest arriving
Main pedal chest man-handled up the stairsRestoring the blowerMain pedal chest awaiting inspection
Painting the blower casing2HP “Discus” blowerSolo chest: stripped and ready for disassembly
Solo chest: new pouch work awaiting dressingSolo chest: putting on bottom boardsSolo chest: string f pipes
Solo chest: clarinet pipesSolo chest: flute pipesConsole wiring:holding down whilst ringing through wires
Console wiring:the three manual looms and holding jigConsole: general viewConsole: general view
Console: aerial viewConsole: nameplateConsole: some of the many controls
Console: some of the many couplers Console: Harp controlsConsole:chimes controls
Console:Solo jamb and silencersConsole: tablets/both/pistons selectorsConsole: spool box and tempo control
Console:manual to pedal toe studsChest: ready for strippingChest:  stripping in progress
9 rank chest: putting on bottom boards9 rank chest: in situ9 rank chest: in situ with top boards added
9 rank chest: with flute p, high flute, flute f and clarinet. 9 rank chest: flute p zinc  basses5 rank string mixture or dolce cornet
looking under the organ showing regulators, primary action, and solo trem.Gerald and the tromboneSetter board
Setter board detailHarp: showing bars and original beatersHarp: general view
Swell shades closedSwell shade open