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Total Playing Time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes 45 Seconds
9.99 plus Postage

"Rainbows And Rendezvous"

Not so long ago Paul Morris acquired a model V Orchestrelle. Intending to sell it on, he set about restoration and when the job was finished, he was so pleased with it, that he determined to keep it! You can pedal a roll, and get up and walk to the other side of the room before it runs out of wind!!

A few months ago he decided to record it and this CD is the result.

The repertoire was carefully chosen. Paul wanted a mixture of musical styles, and whilst nothing too heavy was chosen, he did not shy away from serious music. 

It includes a very effective transcription of a Grieg string quartet.
Some Gounod and Wagner were also chosen of course, along with some "Show" selections.

The CD, which was christened "Rainbows and Rendezvous" starts with a lively march: "The Little Duchess" and ends with a spirited rendering of Wallace's "Maritana Overture"

The CD is aimed at the widest possible audience who, it is hoped will enjoy the wonderful music contained on it, but Orchestrelle enthusiasts ought to be especially pleased and accordingly we draw it to your attention now and hope you will find it of interest.

Track Listing
1 Little Duchess Marchde Koven
2Belle of New York - SelectionKerker
3Funeral March of a MarionetteGounod
4Coon Band ContestPryor
5The BullfinchRimsky-Korsakov
6String Quartette in G minorGreig
7Concert Overture in C minorHollins Listen to a sample of this track
8Illusions PerduesGottschalk
9Grand Offertoire de Cecilia Batiste
10Lohengrin - Prelude to Act IIIWagner Listen to a sample of this track
11Creole BellesLampe
13Rainbow Dance               Listen to a sample of this track
14Zophiel IntermezzoHildreth

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